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My images start with dreams and visual memories of time and places, not as they were actually seen but as they are remembered. This allows me to focus on what was most powerful about that visual experience without the distraction of the visual noise. I have been most inspired by the late work of George Inness who stated that he did not strive to represent what he had seen, but he tried to convey the essence of the intimate landscape by working from memory. For me the meaning of the phrase ”intimate”, means placing the viewer in a  place and time of quite reflection, on a human scale, either with my abstract renderings or reflections on the American landscape. I would not have reached this point in my experience or with my art work if my profession had been something else. I have been fortunate to have some of the worlds greatest art pass through my hands, while executing my professional tasks. My work at the National Gallery, has allowed me to ask question of curators, paw through catalogs, and examine art in a most private and intimate way. Even in the most mundane days when I am unframing Rembrandt’s prints and drawings I take that brief reflective moment to examine how he and others achieved their vision through execution. It was this process that gave me in depth exposure to the work and philosophy of George Innes, that today has the strong influence on my work. Without the up close personal examination of the works by Valenciennes, Daubigny, Constable, and Jasper Johns I would not have learned the joys and techniques of manipulating medium to express my own personal voyage.


Riverview Arts Space, Craddock Terry Gallery, Lynchburg, VA

9th annual juried show, Nov 3rd-Dec. 15th, 2017

Marta Staudinger, curator, director of Latela Art Gallery

“Asseateaugue Pool”, palladium print, 8.5 x 11

“Meagan Bowl of Blossoms”, palladium print with watercolor, 8.5 x 11


Marylad Federtion of the Arts, Annapolis, MD

Small Wonders, Nov 27- Dec 27, 2017

Roger Dun, curator

“Georges’s Pond, watercolor 5 x 6


Center For Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO

Small Works , Nov 17th- Dec. 16th, 2017

Kat Kiernan, curator, Editor in Chief, Don’t Take Pictures and Director of Panoticon Gallery

“Asseateugue pool”, palladium print 8.5 x 11


Villa Said, USA Embassy Residence, Paris

Works of Two N American Photographers, June 15-July 25

Chris Hegadorn, Deputy Ambassador to the Unesco Mission

10 palladium prints, 8.5 x 11


Arts Club of Washington, Washington, DC

100 paintings by 100 artists, May 6th-June 3rd, 2016

“Kings Creek at James River”

oil on wood, 7 x 8.5



2016 Alchemical Vessels 125 works by 125 artist, March 18-May 6th, 2016

“ I Always Float”, wooden box, oils, roses and thorns, 8 x 8


Maryland Federation of the Art, Annapolis, MD

Stormy Weather, Feb 25-March 25

2 watercolors, Morning At the E Shore, 14 x 14

Greenbelt Federal Courthouse, Maryland

UNDERTOW, Nov 2 – Dec 16 2015

Curator; Bobby Dovanavn

“Study for Luxembourg Gardens”, and “Dunes @ Rehoboth”, watercolors,  20 x 36

“For every Silver lining”, oil on wood, 8 x 36

The Arts Club of Washington

Michael Pierce Landscapes, solo exhibition, Oct 5-Nov 5, 2015

Curator; Eric Denker, Senior Lecturer, National Gallery of Art

30 paintings and watercolors



SMALL WONDERS , Dec. 2-Dec 27, 2010

Annapolis, Maryland

Curator; Diane DeSalvo

“Frog Pond”, oil on wood, 4.5” x 10”


University of Mary Washington Galleries

ART MUSEUM ARTIST, Oct. 22-Dec 4, 2009

Curator:Anne Timpano

“Storm at Whites Ferry” oil on canvass, 5’ x 15ft.

“Cape Henolopen”, oil on wood, 7.5 “ x 14”


The Arts Club of Washington

Light and Air;  solo exhibition at the MacFeely Gallery, November 3rd--22nd , 2006

Curator; Eric Denker, Senior Lecturer, National of Gallery of Art

20 paintings, 6 watercolors


Washington Project for the Arts and Corcoran


Curator; Linden Cline, Curator for Washington Project of the Arts, Adjunct professor art Corcoran School of Art

“Life Cycle in no Particular Order”, free standing reliquary of mixed media


Maryland Federation of the Arts, Annapolis, Maryland

Curator; Ross Merrill, Cheif of Conservation, National Gallery of Art

September-November, 2004

“Cape Henlopen”


Falls Church City Center for the Arts

ELEMENT , March 7- April 14, 2003

Curaor; by Lisa Chun

Seven paintings, three watercolors


Arts Council of Fairfax County


Curator; Stacey Schmidt, Assistant Curator of Contemporary art, Corcoran

October 31-December2, 2002

“When I See an Elephant Fly”, oil on wood,


Arlington Arts Council

Grant ($4,000) awarded in Sept 2004, for painting and installation of a 15 ft picture in a storefront venue, by Oct 2005.

Friends Of French Art

Grant of $8,000 to study and work in the Jacques Gouchon Gilding and Gold Leaf studio for one year, Paris 1985-1986.


Senior Conservator for Exhibitions and Loans

National Gallery of Art

June 1988-July 2015


Collections Management

Smithsonian, Castle Building

June 1982-June 1988


Restoration Technician

Smithsonian, Air and Space Museum, Paul Garber Facility

Sept 1978-June 1982



BA in Art History and Fine Arts

James Madison University


N. Virginia Community College


Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, in preparation for Graduate studies

George Mason University


Graduate Studies in Conservation of Fine Arts

George Washington University

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